E-Business Management

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E-Business Management

Learn how to launch, build, and grow a successful ecommerce. The ultimate base of knowledge and skills for your online business.

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Created by Stuart Scott Last updated Tue, 16-Apr-2024 English
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What I will learn
  • Comprehensive understanding of all you need to know to set up and run an online business successfully
  • A fundamental base of knowledge based on real-world standard e-business theory and practice
  • In addition to digital business theory, a core base of essential skills you can apply straightaway to develop and scale your company
  • How to formulate your vision, and manage all stages of e-business planning, development and implementation
  • Key principles of digital marketing and modern methods to maximise the growth of your business
  • Extensive, detailed modules on all modern techniques and tools critical to online business success
  • Includes the E-business Project Management course - the key foundation to managing successful projects and delivering results
  • Highly practical and widely applicable skills to advance your business and career prospects
  • In depth lessons on all aspects of e-business to significantly improve your chance of success
  • Clear path to achieve your own business goals with confidence including Certificate of Completion

Course Modules
84 Lessons 00:44:48 Hours
Introduction (Week One)
9 Lessons 00:04:48 Hours
  • Intro - What We Will Cover 00:00:32
  • Do's and Dont's 00:00:32
  • Do's and Dont's 00:00:32
  • NDA's - Are you using them? 00:00:32
  • Vision Statement 00:00:32
  • Mission Statement 00:00:32
  • The Corporate Structure of an Online Business. 00:00:32
  • Establishing Deliverables for each Team 00:00:32
  • Setting a Corporate Image Guide and Rules 00:00:32
  • The Art of being Agile 00:00:32
  • A Data Centric Way of Life - Planning your Platform for Growth. 00:00:32
  • Open Source or Private IP invested in your platform 00:00:32
  • Planning for Software Development - The 80/20 rule or not? 00:00:32
  • Road Maps of Development 00:00:32
  • Having control of your Digital Assets 00:00:32
  • Online User Experience is Everything 00:00:32
  • The Mechanical Mindset 00:00:32
  • Projects vs Routines 00:00:32
  • Current Status Document 00:00:32
  • Existing User Journey Flow 00:00:32
  • What technology? How this simple decision could change the course of your company for ever. 00:00:32
  • Customer Service Team (CST) - Inhouse or External 00:00:32
  • Search Engine Optimize (SEO) - The continues care of your content 00:00:32
  • Setting Your Up Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) 00:00:32
  • Production Staging and Development - Why You Must Split It Up 00:00:32
  • Recovery - Making Sure You Are Ready For When Disaster Strikes. PS, It Will Happen! 00:00:32
  • GDPR - Make sure you follow the rules of the EU 00:00:32
  • Brand or Product Marketing? 00:00:32
  • CRM - Digital Gold 00:00:32
  • Development does not need to break the bank 00:00:32
  • Platform Development cost vs Marketing costs 00:00:32
  • Legal side of data, Privacy Polices and Terms and Conditions - Why they are so important 00:00:32
  • The Importance of Great Content 00:00:32
  • Feature Creep - your worst enemy! 00:00:32
  • Who should be on your team and where can you get them? 00:00:32
  • Virtual assistants for repetitive work 00:00:32
  • Making peoples responsibilities very clear from the beginning 00:00:32
  • Managing IT - A different breed of staff! 00:00:32
  • Hiring the right development team or person 00:00:32
  • Hiring a designer - What kind of designer should get? 00:00:32
  • Hiring your marketing team or person 00:00:32
  • Training your staff - Keeping your team up to date 00:00:32
  • The connection between marketing and IT 00:00:32
  • The Development Process 00:00:32
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - when are you ready to go to market 00:00:32
  • Automation for change - Deployment strategies. 00:00:32
  • Data centers, what, how, where 00:00:32
  • Customer Journey (UI/UX) - The importance of prototyping 00:00:32
  • Heatmaps and client recording - Understanding your website real estate 00:00:32
  • Reporting Issues - (Systems Bugs) 00:00:32
  • Documentation and keeping track of changes 00:00:32
  • Recovery - Running recovery simulations 00:00:32
  • Quality Assurance - Check your work before you publish. 00:00:32
  • Pre Deployment Check List 00:00:32
  • Make support for customers available easily and stay on top of it. 00:00:32
  • Google Ecommerce and Tracking 00:00:32
  • Collecting Data 00:00:32
  • Deployments 00:00:32
  • Take a small breather 00:00:32
  • PPC and Social Media Advertising 00:00:32
  • Getting over the sales mans drop 00:00:32
  • Become a shark. Remember sharks must keep moving to stay alive. 00:00:32
  • In God we trust everyone else bring data! 00:00:32
  • Data, Data, Data - analyze your data 00:00:32
  • UX / UI - Now we have data, what's next? 00:00:32
  • Funnels - improve your sales flow 00:00:32
  • The Difference in Development Mode and Maintenance Mode 00:00:32
  • A/B testing, a must! 00:00:32
  • Abandon Shopping Cart - They were just about to commit and buy! But didn't. 00:00:32
  • How to get traffic to your site? 00:00:32
  • Mailing Campaigns - The way to reduce cost of conversion 00:00:32
  • Collect client reviews - Trustpilot 00:00:32
  • Justifying Cost and Growth of your Platform 00:00:32
  • Continued Development 00:00:32
  • Dealing with burnout 00:00:32
  • Automation of Primary Systems, like Email , FAQ's, etc 00:00:32
  • Keep your eye on the ball, we are at critical point! 00:00:32
  • Mobile app development 00:00:32
  • Social Media as a Way of Strengthening the Brand 00:00:32
  • Iteration - Review Data, Develop, Deploy and Repeat 00:00:32
  • Affiliates and Partners - Get others also help you distribute. 00:00:32
  • 24/7 or 5 days a week - When do you make the change? 00:00:32
  • Secondary products - Make money complimenting your product with others. 00:00:32
  • Ready for a CTO? 00:00:32
  • An internet enabled laptop, mobile, or desktop, and your email account. We will provide you with guidance and access to any additional software you may require.

Our Ecommerce Business Management program will teach you everything you need to know about setting up and running an online business successfully. In addition to digital business theory, you will gain a fundamental base of practical knowledge and develop essential skills that you can apply to advance your career prospects and grow your online business.

This program includes the E-business Project Management course - the key foundation of career boosting skills to manage successful projects and deliver results for your organisation.

About the instructor
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Stuart Scott is the Business Mentor for Ocademy Global, Web Fuel Agency, and VMS International -- sister companies which share a focus on creating successful online businesses.

Stuart has over 20 years of experience advising online businesses and developed wide-ranging capabilities in the E-Commerce sector. He has worked with large companies including Google, Yahoo, British Telecom and Philips, and provided strategic counsel to numerous successful start-ups.

Stuart specialises in developing actionable E-Business strategies based on company vision, combining innovative, big picture thinking with a strong background in both execution and implementation. His significant experience in large-scale E-Business transformation and performance improvement programs form the basis of his regular conference appearances as an expert speaker on topics including leadership, change management, and enablement.

Student feedback
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  • Sun, 03-Oct-2021
    Katy Wilson
    This was an outstanding program and the material was very detailed and practical. A few of the modules were challenging (to me so I watched them twice to take it all in) but Stuart is a great mentor. The course had given me a lot more confidence in interviewing for jobs (am looking at roles in start-ups)
  • Fri, 01-Oct-2021
    J. Kim
    I did the project management course first and have just finished the strategy hacking one. Both of these were excellent and I'm very satisfied. I've been doing the classes in the evenings as I'm planning to leave my current job soon to start my own business idea with another workmate. I definitely feel more confident and prepared now. Also the support during the program was helpful. Big thank you to Stuart and the Ocademy support team.
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    This was a very good course. It covered so many different angles and I found it to be really clear and informative. Would recommend it to anyone thinking about starting an online business because it will prepare you for every part of the journey.
  • Tue, 14-Sep-2021
    William Cornwall
    Wow. I loved this program. Stuart explained everything very clearly and kept me engaged throughout. I had to go through a few of the modules more than once to get my head around the concepts but overall it was very useful.
  • Mon, 30-Aug-2021
    Mark K.
    Amazing course. Really comprehensive and well put together. I'm in the process of setting up a new business and found all of this information pretty invaluable.
  • 00:44:48 Hours On demand videos
  • 84 Lessons
  • Access on mobile and tv
  • Full lifetime access